Meet The PORTCO Team: Millet Fadoul – Employee Spotlight

Millet Fadoul is an integral member on the PORTCO team.  His passion to help provide job opportunities for people with disabilities and see them succeed in their jobs has led him to several roles in the Hampton Roads community.  On the PORTCO team, Millet first worked to help provide job opportunities for people with disabilities.  By serving as the Director of Contracts, Mr. Fadoul supervises activities with PORTCO’s AbilityOne and independent contractors.  AbilityOne contracts are a critical chapter of the PORTCO story.  With roots back to 1938, the AbilityOne program offers the opportunity to award federal government contracts for goods and services to agencies that employ people with disabilities.  Across the country, this program has provided employment for thousands of people with disabilities for fair market value goods and services.  PORTCO has worked hard to earn many AbilityOne contracts both in Hampton Roads and across the U.S.

Presently, Millet is shifting from his role as Director of Contracts into a Program Specialist role.  In this new capacity, he will work to ensure greater success for the individuals with disabilities whom he has helped to provide employment opportunities.  Millet will create vocational training and support programs for both PORTCO employees and clients.  These training and support structures will further enhance the success of the employment partnership.

Millet’s passion for individuals with disabilities has not gone unnoticed.  Not only do we value his efforts on the PORTCO team, the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) has also taken note.  Millet was recognized for his exemplary work and effort in employing high school students with disabilities to provide custodial services at the York County Beach during the summer.

After hours in the warm months you can find Millet hanging out with his family, and new puppy on the beach.  Once college football season starts you will find Millet cheering on his Ohio State Buckeyes.

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