PORTCO Joins Give Local 757 To Raise Funds And Elevate Awareness Of Non-Profits Across Hampton Roads

Do Happy Hour with PORTCO on GiveLocal day! Our goal is to earn the most unique donations between 4pm and 6pm on May 14 for the chance to win an additional $757 towards that “You’re Hired!” moment.

Volunteers Organize PORTCO Holiday Party

Thanks to the PORTCO volunteers for organizing a fabulous 2018 Holiday Party! The PORTCO team thanks volunteers for throwing an amazing holiday party! Watch the video of the party and learn how you can become involved.

PORTCO Provides Assistance With Local Food Donation Program

The congregation of the Basilica of Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception in Norfolk has been faithfully collecting and distributing food to those in need in Norfolk.  However, the program was strained with the cost of hiring transportation for the collection and distribution of the donated food items.

PORTCO Urges Donations On Giving Tuesday

PORTCO is pleased to announce an opportunity to amplify your donations on Tuesday, November 27th.  Known as Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving Day is recognized as a day to highlight charitable organizations and encourage donations to non-profits.  This year, Facebook and Paypal are teaming up to provide additional attention to the day and boost donations.  Starting at 8am on Giving Tuesday, Facebook and Paypal will be matching charitable contributions – dollar for dollar – up to $7 Million.  Maximizing your donation to PORTCO is easy.  Simply visit PORTCO’s Facebook page on Giving Tuesday, click on the donate button, and watch your support to PORTCO double!


PORTCO On The Hampton Roads Show

On November 20th, PORTCO was the featured audience segment on The Hampton Roads Show.  Co-host, Chris Reckling, interviewed Kate Powell, Director of Fundraising & Grants.  Candace Hunter, QIDP Workforce Support Coordinator, of PORTCO also represented the organization.  Several PORTCO employees participated in the segment as well.  PORTCO on The Hampton Roads Show Group Shot

Candace Hunter discussed a new program where PORTCO team members support a local food pantry and soup kitchen initiative that the Basilica of St. Mary’s in Norfolk coordinates.  Through this partnership PORTCO team members help by picking up, loading, and delivering food items.  PORTCO is pleased to partner with St. Mary’s in this initiative.

Kate Powell discussed a great opportunity for donors to amplify their giving on Tuesday, November 27th.  On the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, dubbed #GivingTuesday, Facebook and Paypal will match charitable contributions, dollar for dollar, starting at 8am up to $7 Million.  Tuesday November 27th is a great time to donate to PORTCO through Facebook to maximize your donations.

Continue following the PORTCO story as we write new chapters on how we help individuals with disabilities achieve their highest potential and support our community.

PORTCO Recognized In National Disability Employment Awareness Month Celebration

While every day at PORTCO we embrace individuals with differing abilities in an effort to be the largest employment provider to people with disabilities in the United States, the month of October marks a particularly special time to shout our passion from the rooftops as it is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. 

Improving The Lives Of Persons With Disabilities One Ramp At A Time

Here at PORTCO we seek to improve the lives of persons with disabilities.  One small improvement that will make a profound difference on the level of quality employment we offer to our employees took place this week.

For some time, we have wanted to replace a failing accessibility ramp that many of our employees use to access their work site at our Portsmouth headquarters.  The ramp was made of wood and showed noticeable areas of rot.  The old ramp design was narrow and outdated.  The instability of its integrity deemed this old ramp a danger to those who were brave enough to use it.

The PORTCO team was able to combine donations from you, our loyal supporters, with grant funds awarded by KOVAR, and a generous donation from STHIL to provide a new ramp.  With the help of Mobility 101, the old wooden ramp was removed and replaced with a shiny, new, safe accessibility ramp.  Now, individuals with mobility challenges can safely make their way to and from work at the main headquarters.  While the previous ramp was inadequate for some mobility devices, the new ramp boasts a wider space for improved access for more mobility devices.  The new ramp is made of durable metal, meaning it will last for many years – providing safe passage to and from work for many peoples with disabilities.

Thank you, 101 Mobility, STIHL, KOVAR, and our many charitable donors who continue to help PORTCO live out our mission to improve the lives of persons with disabilities!

New Accessibility Ramp After Renovation

New Accessibility Ramp After Renovation

Old Accessibility Ramp Before Renovation

Old Accessibility Ramp Before Renovation

Meet The PORTCO Team: Athena “Nena” Gerhart – Volunteer Spotlight

PORTCO’s mission is no small feat.  In order to achieve the mission

to embrace diversity, erase barriers and bridge individuals with differing abilities to their communities through quality employment and training opportunities while providing exceptional services to our stakeholders

it takes a team of dedicated employees, a group of invested corporate and individual financial donors, and of course, an army of passionate volunteers.

Athena “Nena” Gerhart is one such volunteer.  As Nena had the pleasure of meeting many people with disabilities and hearing their stories of overcoming challenging obstacles, she became inspired.  Through these stories of inspiration, a flame was sparked in Nena to join the cause – assisting individuals with disabilities achieve their professional goals.

Like many of our volunteers at PORTCO, Nena divides her time between her career, and family, and volunteering.  She found the process simple and easy to apply to become a PORTCO volunteer – allowing flexibility as she manages her many roles.

Most recently, Nena volunteered with a painting project at PORTCO headquarters.  Nena, in conjunction with Water’s Edge Church, selected PORTCO as one of their projects during their Love Week 2018 event.  Several members of the Water’s Edge Church community linked arms and grabbed brushes to paint a breezeway at PORTCO headquarters.  Their efforts saved PORTCO hundreds of dollars and beautified a space that many will walk through.

Nena sees how PORTCO has taken steps to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities as well as their communities.  Her passion to see that every person be valued and included in society continues to fuel her flame of volunteerism.

If Nena’s story has encouraged you to donate your time, energy, or talents in support of PORTCO’s mission and vision, please apply to become a volunteer today!

PORTCO Now Accepting Vehicle Donations

Vehicle Donation imagePORTCO is pleased to announce that we will now be accepting vehicle donations!  Donating your car, truck, RV or boat is a great way to support PORTCO while getting the benefit of a tax deduction.  We make the process simple and the paperwork is quick and easy.  Free pick-up of your donated vehicle is included, which could save you time and money towing a vehicle you no longer wish to repair.  For more information on how you can turn your car donation into funds for PORTCO, contact Kate Powell, Director of Fundraising and Grants, at 757-297-0101 today!


PORTCO On The Hampton Roads Show

On July 23rd, PORTCO was the featured audience segment on The Hampton Roads Show.  Co-host, Chris Reckling, interviewed Mark Wilson, President & CEO of PORTCO, as well as Kate Powell, Director of Fundraising & Grants of PORTCO, representing the organization.  Several PORTCO employees also participated in the segment.

Mark Wilson highlighted the mission of PORTCO and how the public can get involved.  He encouraged viewers to support PORTCO through monetary donations as well as the weekly car washes.  Kate shared the great news about PORTCO’s recently awarded grant.

Thanks to a $20,000 grant from KOVAR, PORTCO will soon be expanding services offered for skill training and employment avenues for people with disabilities.  Presently PORTCO helps to secure job opportunities for individuals with disabilities in the following fields:  janitorial and custodial services, personnel and general administrative support services, base operations support, facilities operations and maintenance, systems and network applications support services, hospital and clinic housekeeping and aseptic services, food services, HVAC water testing and treatment programs, grounds maintenance, consolidated support services, packaging and kitting, supply management and warehousing, and transportation and shuttle services.

The recently awarded grant will allow PORTCO to branch into new types of services such as:  horticultural, and shredding services.

The grant monies will also fund accessibility improvements to PORTCO’s facilities as well as the introduction of art and reading programs to provide a more holistic set of services for our clients.

Continue following the PORTCO story as details regarding these new services unfold.