Our Products Packaging Division

Training in the Products Packaging Division primarily consists of employment related skill development and work adjustment with a secondary emphasis on personal care, inter-personal relations and socialization within the context of a work setting.  The Products Packaging Division focuses on expanding work skills through a variety of contract requirements.

These contracts include packaging, sorting and labeling.  The Products Packaging Division is staffed by the Employment Services Supervisor and one or two part time Crew Leaders depending upon the consumer to staff ratio.  The staff ratio with this component is no more than 8 employees/consumers to one direct care staff person.

PORTCO helps private business

PORTCO, Inc. has also contracted with Discover Media, Sysco Foods, APS, NeighborCare Pharmacy and Dollar Tree.  This has led to many packaging contracts.  Employees work in PORTCO’s warehouse, packaging magazines and other retail items.  PORTCO has also developed its own line of fishing lures called “PORTCO Lures” which are also packaged by our warehouse employees.