Our Mobile Crews Division

The Mobile Crews Division provides the management and operation of an individual competitive supported employment program.  The Mobile Crew Division serves those individuals who have the capacity to be employed within PORTCO’s Private Sector contracts as well as Federal contract sites.

Admission is contingent upon approval by the Employee Screening Committee, which is comprised of the Employment Services Coordinator, HR Manager, ESD Crew Leader or Site Supervisor.  In the Mobile Crew Division, employee/consumers are hired to provide support to private and federal contract sites.  These sites include the Portsmouth Federal Building, the Portsmouth Naval Medical Center, US Customs House in Norfolk, Norfolk Federal Courthouse and NEXCOM Headquarters.

Training in the Mobile Crew Division primarily consists of skills such as dusting, pulling trash, cleaning restrooms, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming.  The importance of personal care, inter-personal relations and socialization in the context of a work setting is also emphasized.

The Mobile Crews Division is staffed by the Employment Services Supervisor and one or two part-time Crew Leader(s).  The staff ratio in this component shall be no more than 8 employee/consumers to one direct care staff person.

Employment Screening Process

The employment screening committee is made up of the ESD (employment services director), HR Manager, ESD Crew Leader or a Site supervisor.   All employment applicants are requested to fill out a PORTCO application and submit this application to the HR director.

Participants in the ESD program need to be referred by a funding source such as Medicaid Waiver or Voucher Service.