Suffolk Virginia
July 20th, 2023

PORTCO, a leading nonprofit organization committed to empowering disabled individuals through employment and support services, is proud to be a pioneer participant in the Mentor Protégé Program. This newest initiative, operating under SourceAmerica, aims to foster collaborative partnerships between large businesses and non-profits, with the shared goal of securing and fulfilling government contracts and employing individuals with disabilities. As one of the first nonprofits to participate in this program, PORTCO seeks to create even more job opportunities for disabled adults, further advancing a more inclusive workforce.

The Mentor Protégé Program is a groundbreaking endeavor that facilitates synergistic alliances between large businesses and non-profit organizations. Through this collaboration, businesses will act as mentors, offering valuable guidance, expertise, and resources, while nonprofit proteges, like PORTCO, gain valuable experience in new fields, insights and support to navigate the intricacies of government contracts. As a result of these partnerships, both entities work cohesively, enabling them to win and fulfill government contracts together.

“We are excited to be part of the Mentor Protégé Program,” said Ralph Wahlberg, Senior Executive VP of PORTCO. “With this teaming we are able to grow our company in providing jobs in areas of work that we would have never thought possible, such as aircraft maintenance, IT, cybersecurity, call centers, and so many more.”

By combining the strengths of large businesses and nonprofit organizations, the Mentor Protégé Program generates a win-win scenario for all stakeholders involved. Not only does it bolster the expertise of the non-profit proteges, but it also enables large businesses to fulfill their social responsibility by actively contributing to the betterment of society.

The primary objective of this partnership is to increase the number of government contracts awarded to the participants, consequently opening doors to more job placements for disabled adults. With greater access to employment opportunities, disabled individuals can realize their full potential, contribute their talents to the workforce, and achieve financial independence.

“This program helps to satisfy the social mission for many large businesses as there are thousands of disabled people looking for new and exciting work. And this program does just that,” added Ralph Wahlberg, Senior Executive VP of PORTCO.”

PORTCO invites businesses interested in making a difference and contributing to the empowerment of disabled adults to join hands in this transformative initiative. By becoming a mentor, businesses can be instrumental in shaping the lives of individuals and making a lasting impact on their communities.
For more information about PORTCO and its participation in the Mentor Protégé Program, please visit our website or contact Ralph Wahlberg Email: or Call: (602) 980-4667.

About PORTCO: PORTCO is a not-for-profit company whose mission is to create employment opportunities for the disabled. The disabled community is challenged in finding adequate jobs in the workforce and has little help in finding employment. PORTCO is also a part of the AbilityOne program, a federal program designed to help find jobs for the disabled community through non-profit organizations that provide products or services to government agencies across the country. Learn more about PORTCO

About the Mentor Protégé Program: The Mentor-Protégé Program, under SourceAmerica, aims to foster powerful partnerships between large businesses and non-profits. This program was born out of the desire to increase jobs in existing and emerging lines of business, providing individuals with disabilities new opportunities for upward mobility and outward employment. To achieve this goal, the Mentor-Protégé program was designed.

How the Mentor-Protégé Program Works: The Mentor Protégé program allows for Proteges (nonprofit organizations) to leverage the past performance of a Mentor (large business) in order to jointly win work in a new line of business and gain experience and expertise. Together the Mentor-Protégé team earns contracts. The Mentor becomes the subcontractor for up to 49% of the contract while the Protégé is a 51% shareholder in the contract. The team essentially earns long-term contracts while supporting a more diversified workforce. This new program will pave the way for even more job opportunities for disabled adults, propelling them towards a brighter future.