PORTCO, Inc is a non-stock, non-profit, 501(C) (3) corporation located in Portsmouth, Virginia. PORTCO was founded in 1991 by the Portsmouth Community Services Board (currently: Portsmouth Department of Behavioral Healthcare Services – PDBHS)  as an Employment Service Organization to provide transitional, supported employment and vocational services to individuals with disabilities who could not otherwise find and maintain competitive employment on their own.

PORTCO / AbilityOne Partnership

In April 2000, PORTCO Inc, separated from the city of Portsmouth and became an independant entity. Since the reorganization, PORTCO has expanded its Federal Government Contract work.

These contracts are with the Department of Defense, GSA and NEXCOM through set-asides serving people with disabilties.  These set-asides, called AbilityOne (formerly JWOD) Contracts, are regulated by the Committee for the Purchase of the Blind and Other Severely Handicapped (CPBOSH).   CPBOSH authorizes NISH, a central non-profit agency, to liason between work centers and the federal government in the procurement of work opportunities for individuals with disabilities.  NISH also provides regulatory assistance to NISH certified work centers.   PORTCO became a NISH certified work center in 1994.

Our Vision and Mission

missionAt the present time, PORTCO, Inc employs over 140 persons with disabilties.  Though its growth has been remarkable, PORTCO’s mission remains unchanged.   All efforts and services are designed to accomplish our vision of improving the lives of persons with disabilities.

By working together and abiding by a strict Code of Ethics, PORTCO will continue to grow, enabling all employees to share in the success of the company.

OUR MISSION: To Provide Employment Opportunities To People With Disabilities

OUR VISION: To be the largest employment provider to people with disabilities in the United States by providing quality service, practicing great fiscal responsibility, maintaining a great teamwork environment, measuring our outcomes and treating all of our employees and customers with mutual respect.

PORTCO CARF Accreditation

In 2006, PORTCO received initial CARF accreditation, and continues in good standing.   This is a nationally recognized accreditation that promotes quality, value and optimal outcomes of services centering on enhancing the lives of persons served.

CARF reviews and grants accreditation services nationally and internationally on request of a facility or program. Their standards are rigorous, so those services that meet them are among the best available.

When PORTCO is CARF-accredited, it means PORTCO has passed an in-depth review of its services. It is your assurance that PORTCO meets rigorous CARF guidelines for service and quality — a qualified endorsement that PORTCO conforms to nationally and internationally recognized service standards and is focused on delivering the most favorable results for you.

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Our Products Packaging Division

Training in the Products Packaging Division primarily consists of employment related skill development and work adjustment with a secondary emphasis on personal care, inter-personal relations and socialization within the context of a work setting.  The Products Packaging Division focuses on expanding work skills through a variety of contract requirements.

These contracts include packaging, sorting and labeling.  The Products Packaging Division is staffed by the Employment Services Supervisor and one or two part time Crew Leaders depending upon the consumer to staff ratio.  The staff ratio with this component is no more than 8 employees/consumers to one direct care staff person.

Our Mobile Crews Division

The Mobile Crews Division provides the management and operation of an individual competitive supported employment program.  The Mobile Crew Division serves those individuals who have the capacity to be employed within PORTCO’s Private Sector contracts as well as Federal contract sites.

Admission is contingent upon approval by the Employee Screening Committee, which is comprised of the Employment Services Coordinator, HR Manager, ESD Crew Leader or Site Supervisor.  In the Mobile Crew Division, employee/consumers are hired to provide support to private and federal contract sites.  These sites include the Portsmouth Federal Building, the Portsmouth Naval Medical Center, US Customs House in Norfolk, Norfolk Federal Courthouse and NEXCOM Headquarters.

Training in the Mobile Crew Division primarily consists of skills such as dusting, pulling trash, cleaning restrooms, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming.  The importance of personal care, inter-personal relations and socialization in the context of a work setting is also emphasized.

The Mobile Crews Division is staffed by the Employment Services Supervisor and one or two part-time Crew Leader(s).  The staff ratio in this component shall be no more than 8 employee/consumers to one direct care staff person.

PORTCO helps private business

PORTCO, Inc. has also contracted with Discover Media, Sysco Foods, APS, NeighborCare Pharmacy and Dollar Tree.  This has led to many packaging contracts.  Employees work in PORTCO’s warehouse, packaging magazines and other retail items.  PORTCO has also developed its own line of fishing lures called “PORTCO Lures” which are also packaged by our warehouse employees.

AbilityOne and PORTCO

The AbilityOne Program has had a positive impact on services offered through PORTCO.  Federal contract work performed through AbilityOne set-asides constitutes most of PORTCO’s contract revenue.   Currently PORTCO services are provided at these government sites:

  • Portsmouth Federal Building
  • Owen B Pickett Customs House
  • Portsmouth Naval Medical Center
  • NEXCOM Spply Headquarters
  • Hoffman Federal Courthouse
  • NEX Portsmouth Exchange

PORTCO DRS Vendorship / Medicaid Waiver

PORTCO, Inc was awarded a Department of Rehabilitative Services (DRS) Vendorship and in 2002 a Medicaid Waiver Vendorship to provide employment services to Medicaid Waiver recipients.  PORTCO began accepting Medicaid Waiver consumers in early 2003.

These employeees work on janitorial mobile crews at the Portsmouth Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth Federal Building, Owen B Pickett Customhouse and NEXCOM Headquarters.   These employees also work on packaging items in the Warehouse and complete janitorial and lawn maintenance duties of the administrative building.