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PORTCO has a variety of Landscaping and Custodial projects underway across the US. If you are a case manager or group home representative, click the link here for more information.

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What People Are Saying About Us

Better Than I Have Ever Seen

Good Morning: WOW! People who have been here 15 years say it is the best ever. I have been here almost 6 years now and I will say it looks better than I have ever seen it. We all wish to send a special thanks to Alex and his crew for a truly outstanding job.

Quality Work

PORTCO Family.. I’d like to add my own expression of appreciation for a job well done! Quality of work is always reflected in the end product. Any past company should be embarrassed to admit they held a contract for that building. In 15 years it has never looked like someone cared about the quality of their work. Thankyou for restoring our faith!

Caring and Experienced

PORTCO is a growing company that offers adults with intellectual disabilities excellent opportunities for employment. The company has caring and experienced staff that provide support for individuals they serve to assist them in vocational services. They provide real jobs with real salaries, an important service in this economy. Pros + Excellent pay, experienced staff Cons – N/A

Experienced, Well Trained, Patient

I assist clients with finding jobs and many agencies and city based services have a very lengthy, time consuming process that is very frustrating. Case Managers and clients are provided excellent services and employment opportunities by this company in a timely manner. The staff are experienced, well trained, and patient. Clients are employed in a variety of jobs at different locations that offer very

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How Can You Join Hands With Us?

Accomodating People With Disabilities

Accommodation for People with Disabilities If you have a disability and would like an accommodation in order to apply for any open position with PORTCO, Inc.  Please email info@portco.org or call the Human Resources department at (757) 399-2444. PORTCO, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

What Makes PORTCO Unique?

What makes PORTCO unique from other similar organizations is that we are focused on providing employment opportunities to the full spectrum of the disabled population. This gives us an edge of being a multi-faceted organization.

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